Survey shows Gen Z, millennials believe how you present yourself online is more important than IRL

Of course, we all know there’s a difference between your online life and IRL — we’re talking to you, Instagram influencers — but a new survey shows that millennials and members of the Gen Z demographic think how you present yourself online is more important than how you do so in person.

The non-scientific survey sponsored by Squarespace showed that this belief is shared by 60% of Gen Z and 62% of millennials.

What’s more, the survey found that 44% of Gen Z and nearly 40% of millennials think they make a better impression online than they do in person; by comparison, just 21% of the older Gen X folks surveyed think that, and just 8% of baby boomers.

Squarespace also found that 43% of Gen Z are more likely to remember the last website they visited than their partner’s birthday, and 31% say they can remember that site more quickly than their own Social Security number. 

One in two Americans polled say they can remember a website’s color better than somebody’s eye color: that goes for 71% of millennials and 58% of Generation Z, the survey found.