Survey says 70% of Americans will do anything for a two-week vacation

Perhaps it’s no surprise, considering the 2020 we all had, but a new survey says seven in ten Americans would do absolutely anything to go on a two-week vacation.

The non-scientific poll of 2,000 Americans that was sponsored by Dan Aykroyd‘s acclaimed vodka brand Crystal Skull noted that 45% would endure a bath in ice-cold water inexchange for two weeks of unfettered R&R. Forty-three percent would work on every weekend for a year, and 38% say they’d willingly give up celebrating every holiday for a year. 

Thirty-seven percent say they’d even be willing to take a 10% pay cut.

The survey also revealed that one-third of those polled say they feel their “absolute happiest” while they’re on vacation — probably related to the fact that 64% say they spend more on alcohol on vacation at at any other time. 

Sixty-four percent say they’re more outgoing on vacation, and more than half say they don’t even recognize themselves in those vacation social situations. Not that it’s a bad thing: 50% say they embrace these changes because they can finally relax. 

Vacations also let those surveyed try exotic foods (57%), spend more money (54%), and laugh more (53%).