Send regrets: Americans searched “how to unsend an email” more than 251K times a month

We’ve all been there: Maybe you clicked send to that draft email you’ve been venting in that a soon-to-be ex or your boss was never meant to actually see — or maybe you just misspelled your own name in your signature. At any rate, trying to unsend a message is the top email-related concern for Americans, according to a new study. 

In fact, there are 251,488 monthly searches related to unsending or recalling emails, according to Google data compiled by email marketing agency InboxArmy.

Parsing their findings, the company’s experts figured out that if you consider each of those asks were made by a single person in a month, some 8,382 emails are sent by mistake every day in the U.S.

Analyzing the data further, the company figured out that Virginia is the most “email-anxious” state, with the highest number of email-related questions per capita. 

The second-most-asked queries are related to your email signature — that little MTV video credits block at the bottom of every e-missive you send into the ether.

Every month, there are more than 85,300 searches related to how to set one up, or how to make one look more professional — and on a related note, how to fix a mistake you somehow haven’t noticed in five years. 

More than 64,600 monthly searches are devoted to how to write an email on a particular subject, with nearly 500 searches a month asking for structuring tips. And 88% of those 64,626 searches are related to how to write an out-of-office automatic reply. 

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