Skamania County Inmate Experiences Overdose From Introduced Contraband

On 03/25/2024, at approximately 2325, Skamania County Correction Officers were alerted to an inmate experiencing a medical emergency. While Skamania County Emergency Medical Services personnel were paged to respond, a Corrections Officer responded to the inmate pod to assess the situation. Based on scene assessment and statements made by other inmates residing within the pod, the officer administered two doses of NARCAN to the inmate experiencing the reported medical emergency. The NARCAN was effective and the inmate regained consciousness. Skamania County E.M.S. personnel treated the inmate and transported them to the hospital for further treatment.

Due to the quick actions of Skamania County Correction Officers, the life-saving measures taken were successful. It is suspected the inmate ingested Fentanyl that was introduced into the correctional facility by another inmate. Although the introduction of Fentanyl, along with other opioid products, into correctional facilities is a nationwide epidemic, laws prevent routine, invasive searches of inmates. Currently, the Skamania County Sheriff’s Office is attempting to find funding for a body scanner to be utilized during the normal booking procedure in an attempt to find contraband hidden internally.

This is an on-going investigation and charges for introducing contraband into the correctional facility have been submitted to the Skamania County Prosecuting Attorney for charging.