ABCs and SEO: Baby name consultant says new parents are picking names that sync with social media

In a full-circle moment, a TikToker whose paid career is choosing baby names says parents are now trying to choose names that also work as an eye-catching social media handle.

Steph Coffield‘sTikTok account, Names with Steph, has nearly 270,000 followers. She tells SWNS she gets paid as much as $500 to consult expecting parents on how to find the perfect name for their bundle of joy.

A simple name suggestion runs $25, she explains.

Coffield noted the social media name trend recently. “People want their kids to have that unique identity – they want their kids to have a cool name handle for Instagram or TikTok in the future.”

To that end, monikers like Ferris, Keaton and Townsend are rising for boys, the stay-at-home mom says, while unique names for girls like Birdena, Doretta and Velma are also trending, she says.

Coffield says parents need not worry about choosing something bold, like Rogue or Scout for girls, or Theophilius or Rufus for boys. “People say ‘Well what about when they grow up?’ and to that point – look at Dolly Parton. Her name is Dolly and she is an icon. She owned that name,” she insists.