Driver learns the hard way: don’t mix drugs and driving

It was just another day for police in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, when they pulled over a driver for a routine traffic stop — until they found a half an ounce of methamphetamine and crack cocaine in the driver’s sock. 

According to, police said they pulled over 62-year-old Cameron Ernest Belle after he stopped at an intersection that did not have a stop sign. They also knew he had a suspended license. 

Officer Andrew Stevens, who was on patrol when he caught Belle, added that Belle allegedly slurred his words and had bloodshot eyes and droopy eyelids. Belle was given a sobriety test and showed signs of impairment.

That’s when officers found half an ounce of methamphetamine in Belle’s sock, in addition to having crack cocaine and a pipe on him, all of which Belle refused to take responsibility for. Belle reportedly told the officer, the pants weren’t his and he was unsure how the methamphetamine got into his sock.

Belle was subsequently arrested and charged with possession with intent, possession of a controlled substance, and DUI second offense along with several summary traffic offenses. He is being held at a county prison in lieu of $75,000 monetary bail until his preliminary hearing on April 27.