From sweet surplus to sweet success: How one Canadian candy maker got rid of 133K chocolate bars

A Canadian woman found herself in a sticky situation after her candy company had an excess of 133,000 chocolate bars, all with an expiration date just one year away.

With 133,000 unsold bars, Crystal Regehr Westergard had to act fast to avoid the worst-case scenario of throwing them out. Enter the internet, where Crystal asked for help and soon became the Willy Wonka of bulk chocolate bar giveaways.

According to BBC News, her story caught the attention of a journalist, and shortly after she received messages from people around the world asking for a box. However, Crystal focused on giving away the bars in bulk to nearby organizations in need.

Thanks to the publicity, the chocolate bars found homes in a variety of places, including a local Ukrainian church, Calgary’s drop-in center for unhoused people, and a fire department in neighboring Saskatchewan. Food banks and a local charity also took some candy off her hands.

All 133,000 bars are now accounted for, much to Crystal’s sweet relief.