Middle school event goes sour as whipped cream licking draws criticism

Hold onto your whipped cream cans, folks, because this story is a doozy. Parents in Kennewick, Washington are in a tizzy over a recent event at their middle school where students were allegedly encouraged to participate in a “whipped cream licking” contest. 

Apparently, the contest involved students licking whipped cream off of a plexiglass divider where there was one person from each team on either side. A video obtained by ABC affiliate KAPP, shows the event, which gives the appearance that students and staff were kissing.  While this might sound like harmless fun to some, it didn’t sit well with some parents, who felt that it’s inappropriate and sends the wrong message to young people.

The superintendent, Dr. Traci Pierce has since issued an email stating that the activity”does not reflect the high standards we hold for our staff members as outlined in district policy.”

“We appreciate all those who have expressed their concern, and we can assure you we are taking appropriate actions to address the situation,” Pierce concluded.