Woman busted after trying to bring home the bacon

All women should be able to bring home the bacon, but if that’s literal, and not metaphorical, it should be paid for first.

That was the lesson a Bedford County, Pennsylvania, woman learned last week, when she was busted by state troopers for stealing $11 worth of bacon from a Dollar General store. 

WJAC-TV reports that Sunday, March 26, the cops were called when a store manager noticed 36-year-old Kelli Snyder leave the establishment without having purchased anything, but then spotted her allegedly dumping out her purse onto the seat of her car. 

He then walked to the car and noted two packs of bacon on her passenger seat before she drove away. 

Investigators tracked her to her residence, where she allegedly copped to the cops that she in fact did swipe the strips. 

Because it was her third offense for retail theft, Snyder was charged with a felony.