Put your hands up! Police “arrest” alligator for loitering

Animals roaming around usually isn’t alarming, but when it’s a nine-foot long alligator meandering through a neighborhood — Tampa police had no choice but to “arrest” it. 

Officers can be seen dealing with the reptile in a YouTube video containing the bodycam footage of the incident. 

In the video, two officers hold down the scaly animal, while another lassoed a rope around its mouth. They also covered the gator’s eyes with a towel and taped its front and hind legs together.

“Tape his front legs together … like behind his back, like you’re handcuffing him,” one officer can be heard saying in the clip. “Then you’re gonna do the same thing with his back legs.”

In the caption for the video, Tampa PD assured viewers that “no alligators (or officers) were injured in this ‘jaw-dropping’ video.”

“The growling gator was taken for a ride by our partners from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to find a more suitable home,” they wrote.