“Spring break mistake” lands businessman behind bars

A 52-year-old man was arrested for what has been deemed a “spring break mistake.”

The Smoking Gun reports real estate executive Clifford Craig Edwards, of Missouri, was vacationing in Florida when he got spicy with a butter knife and a Nissan’s paint job.

While vacationing in St. Petersburg with eight of his friends, Edwards apparently was none too happy he was put on the wait list to get into a local restaurant. So, he grabbed a silver butter knife and went to town on a 2023 Nissan.

The owners walked out to see Edwards “making motions” near their car. He “laughed and ran off down the street” when they confronted him. They then noticed he had damaged the car’s paint.

Edwards was caught on security camera doing the dimwitted deed, and police arrested him after he “admitted to the crime post-Miranda.” Police said he caused more than $1,000 worth of damage; he chalked it up to a “spring break mistake.”

Edwards’ wife sprung him from county jail after posting his $2,000 bond, but his story doesn’t end there. He was charged with felony criminal mischief. A court date was not provided.