Guest not allowed to sleep on host’s couch because its dogs’ domain

(NOTE LANGUAGE) Imagine being kicked out of your home for doing something foolish and then, when crashing at your friend’s place, not being allowed to sleep on the couch because that’s the dogs’ domain.

Reddit’s Am I The A**hole thread lit up over the story of a person making their husband’s friend, named Bob, sleep on an air mattress instead their “comfy pull-out sofa in our living room” because that’s “where our dogs sleep.”

The story continues, “Bob didn’t like it, but accepted.” Apparently he didn’t sleep too well and “made some sarcastic comments to the dogs and me” the following morning.

The storyteller explained Bob “was kicked out from home for being an idiot,” but didn’t go into further detail.

The problem the user is facing now is that their husband wants them to apologize for not letting Bob have the couch. They have since turned to Reddit to ask if they were the bad guy.

Reddit appears to be on the dogs’ side, with a majority noting Bob was in a lose-lose situation because he’d likely complain about how the couch smelled and get covered in hair.

As for the people on Bob’s side, those individuals have expressed disbelief that a person would value their dogs’ comfort over their guest’s.

Others also appeared to be on team air mattress and adamantly described how uncomfortable they think pull-out sofas are.