Yer a plushie, Hedwig: Trapped “bird” turns out to be a Harry Potter toy

Wildlife rehabbers were called following reports of a bird trapped in a home’s walls, but it turns out their expertise wasn’t needed.

The Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue, located in Cleethorpes, England, was summoned to a North East Lincolnshire home “regarding strange bird noises believed to be coming from inside the wall!” their Facebook post explained. 

The post continued, “There was no obvious entry point that the resident could find so it was a mystery to how any bird would’ve found it’s [sic] way into the wall cavity.”

Before they could make it to the home, the rescue group received a sheepish text message. “I’m really sorry …it’s a Harry Potter hedwig teddy one of the kids has been round an left it under the sofa,” it read.  

Hedwig is the snowy owl companion of the franchise’s protagonist. Some toys have a voice box, which allows the toy to mimic the sounds Hedwig made in the movies. The homeowner had apparently given their kid a “talking” Hedwig with a head that moves when activated.

CWR shared a video the embarrassed homeowner sent them, which showed the recovered toy in action. “Well, at least it wasn’t a real bird and we was able to move onto the next rescue!” the post concluded.