Ready to mingle? Survey shows where you can find singles

An ad slogan once proclaimed, “Virginia is for lovers.” But according to a new survey, it’s not far from the truth. 

According to polling data — and a handy map — from the Thriving Center of Psychology, Richmond, Virginia, is the city in which you’ll find the most eligible singles. 

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, came in second, according to the poll, followed by Buffalo, New York, and Newark, New Jersey, with Cincinnati rounding out the top five. 

Drilling into the details a bit, Minneapolis, Minnesota, ranks as the city with the most single men — the survey’s data backs up that from the U.S. Census, which says more than 101,000 men in the Gopher State’s city have never walked down the aisle. 

Atlanta, Georgia, has the second-most number of bachelors, followed by Newark and then Pittsburgh.

When it comes to unattached women, Buffalo, New York, is the place to be for those looking for love ahead of Valentine’s Day, though Richmond, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Cleveland are all strong prospects. 

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