Coca-Cola to introduce boozy version of Fresca

Coca-Cola is looking to spike one of its soft drinks.

The company has entered a partnership with Constellation Brands, Inc., to create Fresca Mixed, a boozy version of the soda.

“The Coca-Cola Company’s Fresca brand is not only trusted by consumers, but also directly delivers on consumer preferences for refreshment, flavor, and convenience – attributes that also play well within beverage alcohol and where we can leverage our expertise,” said Bill Newlands, president and chief executive officer of spirits company Constellation.

The move is to hopefully get a sip — or a gulp — of the $8 billion dollar so-called Adult Alternative Beverages market, which includes spiked seltzers and ready-to-drink cocktails, the companies’ joint announcement states.

Not coincidentally, Coke’s major competitor, PepsiCo, announced last year a partnership with the Boston Beer Company for Hard Mtn Dew. That beverage is expected to come to market in the spring. Fresca Mixed is also expected to hit stores this year.