Supply chain problems Grinching your gifts? Send a Heineken IOU

With the supply chain crisis threatening non-delivery of some holiday gifts, Heineken has come up with a way to make good with the folks whose gifts aren’t going to make it for Christmas.

Heineken is seeking to smooth things over for you with some IOUs. Specifically, the Heineken IOU is a “luxurious holiday gift box” that fits six of its beers, and a personalized message that lets the recipient know their real gift is on its way.

All you need to do for a chance to win one of these placeholder gifts is to upload a screenshot of a delayed shipping notification to starting Friday, December 10.

If you’re selected, you’ll not only receive the box, but also a gift card to redeem for the beers to display inside. 

Bear in mind that as thoughtful as the Heineken IOU is, it won’t get you out of hot water if the gift you’ve been looking everywhere for is one of those hard-to-find Magic Mixies Magical Misting Cauldrons for your niece — or any other item for anyone under 21.