Back for the holidays: Cinnabon’s icing by the pint

If you can’t get enough of that sweet elixir that tops Cinnabon’s cinnamon rolls, you’re in luck. The company has re-released entire pints of its famous icing for the holidays. 

The frosting pints are perfect for adding to your own holiday sweets for the holidays, or, let’s be honest, spooning it directly into your pie hole. 

Cinnabon bakeries have the Signature Frosting Pints in stock, but they can also be delivered via the new Cinnabon app, meaning you can skip that trip to the local mall — or the airport — for your fix. 

Additionally, the company has released some recipes at, so you can learn how to use the sticky stuff to whip up, say a Frosted Cookie Martini, or a Frosting Waffle Sandwich. 

The frosting pints are only available for a limited time, so you can start that diet again on January 1.