Survey shows Americans using cellphones on the toilet, at funerals and more

Yeah, it’s safe to say Americans have become addicted to their cellphones.

In fact, a new poll shows we tend to use them just about anywhere and everywhere, from the toilet to just after having sex. We’re not judging, mind you.

The non-scientific poll of nearly 1,100 American adults that was commissioned by the website Soltiaired shows that 99% of respondents use their celly while watching television, and 78 percent say they’ll even browse their apps during a concert. OK, we’ll judge a bit on that one. 

The poll also revealed 90% of Americans regularly play with their phone while on the toilet — so much so, in fact that 53% say their butts and legs have gone numb because they sit there for so long.

It’s become such a habit that four in 10 respondents admitted to checking their phones after having sex.

Nearly 90% say they use their phone as a shield to avoid talking to somebody, with more than six in ten employing this tactic against relatives at holiday parties.

Rudely, 91% say face-to-face conversations with bore them and they need a hit of mobile games or social media to stay engaged.

Nearly nine in 10 people admit to using their mobiles while they’re walking, and 42% don’t even let something like crossing the street stop them from scrolling. A third even said they use their phones while biking and skating. So, no surprise then that 44% admitted they’ve hurt themselves by accident by falling or smacking into something as a result of their phone use.

Furthermore, 60% percent of those polled said they’ve checked their phone at a religious service, and half say they’ve played around with it at a wedding, Thirty percent say they’ve done it at a funeral or wake.