Woman laughs so hard at comedy show, she gives birth 10 weeks early

It’s been referenced in the news, tv shows and movies that , towards the end of pregnancy, women just want that baby out of them — so they’ll do just about anything to jumpstart labor.

Well, has anyone given laughing a try?  Apparently it worked for one Massachusetts woman — who popped her baby out a whole three months early!

The Berkshire Mountain Comedy Arts Festival announced Tuesday that one of its pregnant guests laughed so hard at one of their shows, she began having contractions.

“While we were thrilled at BMCAF to hear such great feedback from our NO PCB Fundraiser show, but this has to be the best,” the Facebook announcement read. “Audience member Erin Lis laughed so hard that she went into labor 10 weeks early! Thankfully mom and daughter are healthy and happy.”

The baby girl tipped the scales at a whopping 2 pounds, five ounces.