Amazon reviewer proves leggings are perfect for “rolling and sliding down a mountain”

Ladies, if you’re in the market for a durable pair of leggings for working out, look no further than a product called “RAYPOSE Womens Yoga Running Capris Leggings” on Amazon. 

This isn’t a shameless plug for the product, mind you: A customer’s rugged review of the pants has gone viral, a year after she posted their praises, along with a pair of pictures worth a thousand words. 

The reviewer named Cory posted to fellow shoppers, “order them now,” along with a photo of herself modeling the pants, while she’s face down in the great outdoors. “Here is me rolling and sliding down a mountain because I was too scared to get up,” she noted, adding, “My leggings did not rip, not even a little bit, and I got stuck on rocks and trees.” 

Cory promised she’ll be “ordering them in every color.”

More than 17,000 people tagged Cory’s review as “helpful,” and even posted shots of themselves planted in similar predicaments. A user listed as Kimberly R. Kelly posed face down in a gulley, under the heading, “Mountain Sliding Lady Was Right.”

Cory’s review from the summer of 2020 resurfaced thanks to a Twitter user who spotted it, noting, “i think about this twice per week.”