No duh: Survey says half of Americans get no joy out of working out

new poll about how, why, and even if Americans work out might not come as a shock. 

The non-scientific survey of 2,000 Americans shows 50% get no joy out of exercise, and they hate it so much they’d do just about anything to avoid it. 

The poll on behalf of the fitness and lifestyle coaching app Freeletics revealed that 34% of those surveyed would rather hand-wash all their dishes for the rest of their life rather than work out, while 33% would welcome a long weekend with their in-laws instead of exercise. 

Twenty-nine percent of respondents said they’d rather reconnect with a high school bully than get any physical activity, while 25% would risk texting an ex to stay sedentary.  On that note, the same percentage would rather live without Netflix for a year than work out.

Ironically, the respondents know they should be getting exercise, with 63% believing they’d have more energy if they did;,56% saying they would have a better attitude, and 46% saying their sex life would be better. 

But meh. 

Even many of those who do exercise regularly don’t like it, according to the poll, which revealed 54% of respondents say they “mentally check out” while exercising because they’re so bored. Eighteen percent say their bodies are on “autopilot” when they’re getting their sweat on.