Might need to wear “something borrowed” — Supply chain crisis affecting wedding dresses

That “something blue” brides traditionally wear might just be their attitudes, as the supply chain crisis is affecting an unexpected product: wedding dresses. 

ABC News affiliate WLS-TV in Chicago is reporting brides are finding their special days might be in jeopardy because of the supply crisis that’s leaving millions of products stuck in American ports. 

Bridal Boys by Complete Bridal in East Dundee, Illinois is reporting some of its clients are just now trying on dresses they ordered…in January. 

Many wedding dresses are made in China, WLS reports, and so even if they do manage to get to the U.S., a dearth of truckers nationwide can also stall delivery. 

In short, brides-to-be are getting nervous.

Lindsey Merlo tells the WLS she got her dress with just days to spare before the big day, after a mix-up with a dress that was the wrong color had to be re-ordered. 

“Calls are coming in every hour on the hour pertaining to shipping,” said the shop’s David Gaffke of his clients. “They are seeing what’s going on in the ports. There’s an issue. It’s time sensitive.”

As the year wears on and the holidays approach, the shipping crisis is expected to only get worse. And if you’re anticipating that walk down the aisle, that’s just another thing to worry about, in addition to at which table to seat your weird uncle Ned at the reception.