“Nyoom!” says the man carrying drugs on the electric skateboard

Police arrested a man for allegedly going nearly 50 miles per hour in a pedestrian area… on his electric skateboard.

British publication The Mirror reports that, to spice up that otherwise mundane arrest, authorities also found that the suspect was hauling some pretty potent drugs.

Devon and Cornwall Roads Policing Team say the man was flying down a footpath in Exeter at 48mph on his electric skateboard, the use of which the U.K. has currently prohibited in pedestrian areas.

“We seized this electric skate board from a male who was swerving around pedestrians on the pavement in Exeter last night,” a rep said. “To top it off he had a quantity of Class A & B in his possession.”

The man was not identified, nor the drugs he was apparently carrying — nor what brand of skateboard the guy was riding.