Airbnb says cozy cabins, college football towns and European destinations are popular this holiday season

With overall vaccination rates up and people finally ready to jet off to, well, just about anywhere, Airbnb says its users are looking to put the pandemic behind them by browsing for some unforgettable stays. 

Last year, searches for sites closer to home — and with serious elbow room — was the trend. But this year, wannabe holiday travelers are setting their sights on family-friendly homes just about everywhere, says Airbnb.

The home-sharing site says its 2021 top trending searches now include cozy cabins in which to spend the holidays with family, stays in college towns like Auburn, Alabama and Lincoln, Nebraska to cheer at seasonal sporting events, and far-flung trips to Europe for vistas travelers they only enjoyed in 2020 on their laptop’s screensavers.

Would-be travelers are also jonesing for some seasonal sites they couldn’t visit during the lockdowns, including homes in cities like New York City, Orange County, CA, and even Oahu, Hawaii. 

When it comes to overseas travel, the sky’s the limit: Airbnb says its most popular “wishlist” searches for the holidays include impossibly beautiful destinations all over the world, like traditional Italian dammusos, a postcard-perfect home on Greece’s Milos Island, a shepherd’s hut in Wales, and even an igloo ice hotel in Russia.