Another day, another man using a bow and arrow to steal things

Wait… didn’t we just talk about a guy trying to steal from others using just a bow and arrow?  Oh, that was a guy from Atlanta — our mistake. THIS one is from Vermont.  Also, he had a crossbow.

According to ABC affiliate WVNY, 38-year-old Ben Webb of Middlebury, VT, allegedly drove his Jeep Grand Cherokee erratically around the state on Sunday.  While doing his best interpretation of the little old lady from Pasadena, another driver claims he pulled alongside their vehicle and pointed a crossbow at them, demanding their credit card.

The victim wisely drove away and Webb allegedly fled to find a new mark. Police were later alerted to a robbery at the local Cumberland Farms, where Webb allegedly stole cigarettes.

According to witnesses, Webb was driving a Jeep that was apparently missing a tire.  So, a bunch of good Samaritans not only called police and followed him, they even tried to tell him he was missing a critical component of keeping a car in motion.  But, Webb whipped out his crossbow and pointed it at them, too.

So, when officers arrived, Mr. Tough Guy dropped his crossbow and decided to upgrade his crippled Jeep into a battering ram.  He hit two cruisers (and a mailbox) as he drove off and led authorities on a three-town chase.

The pursuit ended when Webb decided to play bumper cars with another cruiser, hitting it head on, and he was arrested.  He was charged with multiple aggravated assault and robbery charges. It was later discovered that Webb stole the Jeep from his brother, so additional charges are coming.

A court date has yet to be announced and police from the towns of Essex, Winooski, Shelburne, Williston and Middlebury are working together on the investigation.