Survey says 40% of parents would ditch their kids in coach for a first-class upgrade on a plane flight

Recently, we reported on a survey that stated most parents with kids logged 17 minutes of relaxation on a given day of a family vacation.

Perhaps it’s no surprise, then, that a new poll commissioned by Medicspot — a private U.K.-based COVID-19 testing company — shows that four in 10 adults would leave their kids in coach if they were offered a first-class plane upgrade. 

The non-scientific survey of 2,000 adults with kids under 18 showed that nine percent would leave a minor, regardless of age, in coach for that upgrade. Yep, that means they’d even leave a toddler or an infant in the hands of the flight crew — and within crying range of fellow passengers.

Ten percent would leave a child older than five, and 12% of parents would leave a teen in coach while the parent lived it up in first class. Thirteen was the age that was most acceptable for parents to consider closing that key curtain to the front of the plane. 

The poll revealed that 76% of the respondents have taken a plane with their entire family in the past; more than 55% say they dread the thought of taking a flight with their kids. 

That said, one in five of those polled say they’re planning a flight with a child soon — and 62% are nervous about taking that first flight with their kid. 

All that said, 83% of those polled admitted that for all the hassle, their best family memories were made while traveling.