Survey shows Americans sleep poorly three night per week

If you’re having trouble reading this, it’s could be because you slept poorly last night. And a new survey shows you’re not alone. 

The non-scientific poll of 2,000 Americans that was commissioned by MattressFirm revealed that Americans sleep poorly three nights every week. What’s more, two out of three working Americans log less than the recommended seven to nine hours of Zs every night, with 69% blaming a stressful work day for their sleepless nights.

According to the poll, 21% of the respondents said Friday nights were their best night of the week for sleeping, followed by Saturdays at 18%. 

However, 18% agree that Sunday and Monday nights are the worst nights to try to get shut-eye. More than a quarter of those polled say it takes them until Wednesday to get out of “weekend mode” when it comes to buckling down at work.

However, for those working from home, things are looking a little brighter: 80% of those folks say they’ve taken a nap during their workday, with 57% of those sneaky snoozers saying it’s “positively impacted” their work performance. 

Sixty-four percent say working remotely has boosted their work performance, and 74% of those who now work from home say it has improved their sleep quality.