Transportation Safety Action Plan adopted

SALEM —  An updated Transportation Safety Action Plan  was adopted by the Oregon Transportation Commission at their Sept. 9 meeting.

The plan demonstrates Oregon’s commitment to the safety of all road users. It is a data-driven, statewide, multi-year, comprehensive plan that provides long-term goals, policies,
strategies, and near-term actions to eliminate deaths and life-changing injuries on Oregon’s transportation system by 2035.

Planners analyzed the latest crash data and considered stakeholder input to identify emerging safety trends and needs as they updated the Transportation Safety Action Plan.

The 2021 Transportation Safety Action Plan reflects a focused and limited update that:

  • Integrates updated crash data and identifies emerging safety trends and challenges since the adoption of the 2016 TSAP;
  • Evaluates progress towards achieving the elimination of fatalities and serious injuries on Oregon’s transportation system;
  • Identifies solutions to address system needs for all modes, travelers, and roadway users through a comprehensive update of the near-term actions;
  • Establishes a process for improving accountability and transparency in target setting; and
  • Advances the ODOT/OTC Strategic Action Plan.

The TSAP also serves as an element of the Oregon Transportation Plan, working in parallel with other mode and topic plans like the Oregon Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan and the Oregon Freight Plan.

Please contact for any questions regarding the 2021 TSAP.