Post-pandemic fashion funk: What to wear after the end of the world

In post-apocalyptic movies, wardrobe is usually functional: long-wearing leather, maybe some scrounged football shoulder pads a la The Road Warrior

For the work-at-home warriors of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, comfort was key: Mad Max would literally be caught dead if he chose those ratty old slippers you’ve been puttering around in since March of 2020.

So according to a new survey from Nordstrom, as offices begin to open nationwide in the post-pandemic world, people are finding they need a fashion reboot, and quickly.

The non-scientific survey of 2,000 Americans shows that 36% say they have “nothing to wear” after the pandemic. Perhaps that’s no surprise, considering one in 10 say they “gave up completely” being fashionable during the lockdown.

Forty-five percent say they’re now struggling to find clothes that fit their new body type, and 43% say they’re struggling to find clothes that fit, period. Maybe all those sourdough starters in lockdown weren’t such a good idea.

Thirty-four percent say they’re looking for help finding clothes for special events — now that those can happen again — while 32% need help finding a look for a dinner out.

Twenty-one percent say they’re looking to upgrade their wardrobe choices for travel, and 20% say it’s for work. 

Eighteen percent noted they’re looking forward to wearing “statement boots” to work come fall, while 17% say they can’t wait to wear high heels again. 

With that said, 52% plan to make comfort the key in how they dress from now on.

Do they make suits with sweatpants?