If you’re going to lead the police on a high speed chase, don’t do it on a tractor

Chances are if you ever find yourself running from police — maybe not jump on a tractor and hope it’ll speed you away to safety.

One woman found that out the hard way — with KELO reporting that the incident happened in Henry, South Dakota on Friday.

Jayden Durick led the Clark County Sheriff’s Office on a wild goose chase after she drove off with another person’s vehicle who was fueling up at the gas station. 

Police managed to run her off the road after she refused to pull over and, after damaging the car in a ditch, she jumped out and ran off on foot. 

She was spotted later running off on a stolen John Deere tractor and, again, refused to listen to police orders until she realized that taking a JD onto a highway was not the brightest idea — and came to a stop.

Durick was arrested and is being held on $20,000 cash-only bond.  She has since been charged with grand theft, burglary and eluding.