Upcycled adventure: Iceland wants to turn your lockdown sweatpants into hiking boots

Ready to get off your couch and back into the outdoors? Iceland is here to help.

The country will transform your sad lockdown sweatpants into hiking boots so you’ll be prepared for whatever post-pandemic adventures await you.

The Sweatpant Boots pop-up, located on Rainbow Street in downtown Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital, will be producing the upcycled boots through July. Any remaining fabric will be turned into a bag you can use to carry the boots home.

In order to take part, you’ll need to be among the first people to book a slot at the pop-up and have a valid plane ticket showing your arrival in Iceland from June 24 onward. Other than that, the boots are free!

If you can’t make it to Iceland just yet, the country has created a website where you can virtually try on a pair of Sweatpant Boots and explore different Icelandic adventures.