Niagara Falls, Iceland? Survey shows Americans don’t know their national landmarks

With millions of Americans getting ready to travel this summer, let’s hope they bone up on their geography first. That’s because a new survey shows many don’t know their amber waves of grain from their purple mountain majesties — or, for that matter, where they are. 

The non-scientific poll of 2,000 people, commissioned by Charmin, revealed that while 64% felt they were confident in their knowledge about America’s natural national treasures, four in 10 Americans thought Niagara Falls was in Iceland. 

Moreover, just over half knew the Redwood Forest is located in California, and just 35% knew the Shawnee National Forest is in Illinois — 18% thought it was located in Ireland.

Fewer than 40% knew the Grand Canyon is in Arizona; 19% were sure it was in Colorado.

While they’re evidently fuzzy on the details, the Americans polled were mostly in agreement about one thing: 71% believe the Great Outdoors should be protected.