Getting ready to travel this Memorial Day? Prepare to sit in traffic

If you’re planning to get away this Memorial Day weekend, you’re not alone — not by a long shot. 

This year, some 37 million others are expected to take to the roads and the air — up 60 percent from last year’s lockdown year.

That’s the word from analytics company INRX, which also notes that an estimated 2.5 million are expected to travel by air, and 34 million are expected to hit the roads.

The company says Thursday will be the busiest day to travel by road in most of the major cities. Afternoon congestion is nearly back to pre-pandemic levels, and INRX predicts the delays could double the normal travel time: Expect more than three times the delay in Atlanta and Houston, and more than five times the delay in New York. 

New York’s I-95 West corridor — US-130, which reaches the George Washington Bridge in New Jersey — is expected to be the most heavily delayed artery in the U.S. on Thursday.