Man shows up to wrong wedding and nearly marries stranger

Imagine walking into what you think is your wedding, only to realize you don’t know anyone there — not even the bride. That’s exactly what happened to an Indonesian man and they are blaming all on their GPS system. 

According to, instead of arriving at the wedding they were a part of, the groom and his entourage arrived at a home that was highlighted on their GPS map. Mistaking that home as the venue for the nuptials, the gang entered and reportedly went around making everyone’s acquaintance. 

As it turns out, there was an engagement celebration happening at that location, which is why it didn’t seem odd that people had gathered and were exchanging gifts. Also, the bride-to-be told a news outlet that her actual groom-to-be was running late, which is why it was easy to mistake the identity of the man who arrived. 

Luckily, this was all an easy fix. As soon as it was figured out, the groom and his entourage returned the gifts and made their way to the correct location… But not before apologizing and offering up an excuse for the misunderstanding. 

“They said they were led to the house by Google Maps,” the engaged woman said.