Hey kids! Want to help me rob the ice cream store of all its sprinkles?

A sweet-toothed burglar, along with two kids in tow, engaged in some late-night tomfoolery that left authorities scratching their heads.

WNBC reports that surveillance footage taken at a Glendale ice cream parlor depicts a man strolling up to the window and bashing it in.  As he sticks his arm through the broken glass, his two accomplices run into sight and shine a light into the ice cream store.

The robber manages to swipe something from the inside and all three book it — but authorities aren’t sure why the trio went through all the trouble to steal an ice cream toppers.

Yes, the crooks stole a container of sprinkles.  It is unknown if they were rainbow or chocolate colored.

Surveillance video caught the three running around the mall and even sliding down an escalator railing before pillaging the ice cream store.

The store’s owners still don’t know why the crooks stole candy and cake decorations, but not the actual ice cream — or any money.

Samantha Khan, owner of Menchie’s, the ice cream parlor, reacted to the bizarre footage of the break in and said, “What’s the point of doing something like that? It’s really just disturbing.”

Adds Khan, “So sad, it’s like, what are you trying to teach your kids today?”

Her partner, Ralph Khan, chimes in, “You expect it not from an adult like that with little kids, that looks like you were taking them out for a good time. And is that how you’re going to end your night? It just doesn’t make sense.”

Both agree this is the strangest incident to happen at their business in the five years they’ve been operating.

No arrests have been made.