Bobcat attacks woman. Woman’s husband picks up and chucks bobcat

(NOTE LANGUAGE) Hero alert: a man saved his wife from a rabid bobcat, according to a viral video making the rounds on Twitter.

On Thursday, TikTok user keithmgeaux shared a Vivint security video that depicts a man ripping the berzerk creature off of his wife and chucking it across his lawn.

The account has since been taken down, apparently because the video was too violent, but the bobcat attack clip has since resurfaced on Twitter and has racked up millions of views.

The video starts with a man carrying a tray of brownies to his car and remarking that he needs to wash his vehicle.

During that time, seen in the far left corner of the screen, a brown blur starts racing across the street toward him as a woman approaches the car, carrying what appears to be a pet carrier.

Seconds later, a screeching animal latches onto the woman, who begins shouting for her husband, “Happy.”

The man immediately goes into protective mode and yanks the howling creature off of his wife — only to realize the writhing and screaming creature in his hands is a very VERY angry bobcat.

“Oh my God, it’s a bobcat,” the man shrieks before hurling the feline across the lawn.  

His surprise quickly turns to rage, shouting as he unholsters his gun, “A bobcat attacked my wife… I’m gonna shoot that [expletive]!”

The video then cuts off — it is unknown what happened after.

Before keithmgeaux’s account was deleted from TikTok, he apparently provided updates about what happened — saying that the bobcat was rabid, that it wanted to attack the couple’s cat that was in the carrier, and that he had to shoot the animal.