Hot sauce anyone? It’ll cost ya $25K

How much would you pay for a packet of Taco Bell sauce? While it may seem like a trick question — since the packets are free from the restaurant — however, it’s not because one eBay user is hoping to score about $25,000 for one. 

According to the listing, this specific sauce packet is different from the rest because it comes without the witty sayings that are typically on them today.

“Rare instance of a misprint leaving a Taco Bell packet without the sexy pun it usually comes with,” the description reads. “Limited collectible, get yours here.”

“Found it the fifth time I ever ate there,” the user explained. “If you give me money for it I’ll probably go to Taco Bell more often [to be honest]. I’m hungry, please feed me.”

This eBay seller isn’t the only one looking to make a big score either. Another listing is attempting to sell some Taco Bell sauce packets for $2500.