Majority of Americans say the pandemic stressed their relationship to the breaking point

While the pandemic has made things hard on everybody, a new survey finds it’s been particularly tough on those in relationships, and people wanting to be in one. 

According to a non-scientific poll of 2,000 people sponsored by Bogle Vineyards, 54% of couples admitted their relationships have been jeopardized by COVID-related stress, including not having enough date nights.  In fact, 61% say not having a regular date night is a major cause of stress.

In the “before times,” the respondents said, the most common dates would have included going out to dinner (80%), shopping together (64%) and going out to see a movie (61%).

Now, however, singletons are pursuing virtual dating, while couples are opting for more socially-distanced date ideas like ordering takeout (59%), cooking dinner together (58%) and enjoying a movie night in (49%). 

However, 55% of American couples said they’ve begun to run out of date night ideas since the pandemic began. Sixty-five percent say they’re trying to stave that off by planning dates ahead of time. 

However for those with kids, there’s trouble.  Nearly nine in ten respondents, or 89%, say they can’t get time alone with their partner because their kids are locked down with them. 

With that in mind, parents are “going out of their way” to get some “us” time, with 53% admitting to putting their kids to bed early, 47% letting their kids play video games, 46% letting them watch movies, and 42% saying they allow their kids to play unsupervised outside.