YouTuber who thought an armed robbery prank would be a good idea ends up in body bag

(NOTE CONTENT) A 20-year-old Nashville-based YouTuber is dead because he wanted to rob someone… as a prank.

WSMV reports that Timothy Wilks was killed when he ambushed a group of people at the Urban Air parking lot in Hermitage, Tennessee. The location is a trampoline and adventure park.

Police were summoned to the scene and interviewed 23-year-old David Starnes Jr., the prankee, who was carrying a gun.  He claimed self defense.

According to Wilks’ friend, the two thought it would be hilarious if they both held up butcher knives and charged a group of strangers as a “prank” robbery.  Unfortunately for them, Starnes didn’t see a camera and fired his gun to protect his friends.

Metro Police did not charge Starnes but say the investigation is ongoing.