Nestle delivers sweet taste of nostalgia with new Cinnamon Toast Crunch milk

There was something satisfying about sipping the last sweet, cereal-infused milk at the bottom of the bowl and now Nestle has come up with a new flavor to flood your fridge with that nostalgic taste.

Nestle has announced it’s new Cinnamon Toast Crunch-flavored milk as part of its sensations products that the brand said “tastes just like an epic combination of cinnamon and sugar deliciousness with hints of toasted cereal.”

The14-fluid ounce bottles will retail for $2.49 and is available now in grocery stores, convenience stores and mass retailers nationwide.

The company behind Nesquik, known for its classic chocolate milk, also rolled out two other new products including Protein Power Strawberry Milk and Nesquik Dark Chocolate Whole Milk.