Ever mistake fireworks for candy?

Next time you want to enjoy some candy, it’s a good idea to make sure that its actually candy, first. One woman failed to do so and ended up with a mouth full of burns as a result. 

According to the UK’s Birmingham LiveLisa Boothroyd was left with a mouth full of chemical burns after she mistook a box of fireworks for candy. 

“I remember the moment I crunched down on a handful of the ‘sweets’ – and instantly felt explosions in my mouth,” she recalled. “I felt a burning pain straight away.”

The 48-year-old shared that she found the box of Fun Snaps at Costcutter’s in the candy isle in the same vicinity as lollipops, which led her to believe she had picked up a box of snapping candy. Seeing what a hazard this could be to others, a spokesperson for the store told the outlet that the fireworks would be removed from the candy section. 

Nonetheless, Lisa was left with some agonizing injuries but she remained thankful that she did not lose a tooth as a result of the incident.