TikTok’s latest makeup trend is… under-eye bags and dark circles?

It sure seems like 2021 is off to a rather interesting start, and makeup in the form of under-eye bags is certainly contributing to that.

While there are lots of interesting beauty hacks and tips found on TikTok, many people have been stunned to see others intentionally painting on under-eye bags and dark circles.

Miami-based makeup and skincare engineer Megha Singh gave the unusual hack a try and shared a video where she is seen applying a pinkish-purple shade of makeup under her eyes.

“Can we make dark circles a trend?” she questioned in the video. Singh also asked her followers to vote on the trend.

Singh’s dark circle eye makeup moment has received more than 119,000 views and over 400 comments.

One person left a comment on Singh’s video saying, “I have them in a natural way,” and another casted their vote saying, “I’m only saying yes so I can’t be judged for having them.

In addition to Singh, several other content creators have shown their own unique renditions of under-eye makeup bags and dark circles.

Sara Carstens was an early adopter of the trend when she posted a short clip of herself applying and smudging makeup with her fingers under her eyes. She danced and smiled to a “Greek Tragedy” remix.

Another TikToker expressed gratitude for Carstens’ dark circle makeup, saying, “Are we finally making this a trend I’m gonna cry. Praise God I am so happy. My bags are huge.”