A Keurig-like ice cream machine… in MY house? It’s more likely than you think

Imagine making your own ice cream to go whenever you want.  Well, the future is here because some galaxy-brained company has rolled out The ColdSnap: a machine that works like a Keurig, but for ice cream.

Thrillist reports that the “rapid freezing appliance” will quickly turn room-temperature canisters filled with pre-made mix into a single-serve ice cream dish.  So if you have this machine in your house and crave ice cream at 2 a.m., just crawl into the kitchen, pop in the canister and, boom, instant ice cream.

The magical device can also make single-serve froyo, smoothies, frozen cocktails, frozen coffee, protein shakes and soft-serve ice cream in a minute to 90 seconds.

For those worried about the lactose-intolerant crowd feeling left out of the fun, chill — the packets come in dairy-free options, too. 

Also, the pods can be recycled because they’re made of aluminum… a win for the environmentalists.  ColdSnap claims their product will result in 25 to 50 percent emission reduction in making and distributing ice cream. 

So, if you’re really lazy or miss your college days when you could crank that ol’ ice cream lever with reckless abandon — this here is the device for you.

The ColdSnap is not yet available, so that gives you plenty of time to save up for it since it probably won’t come cheap as it’s literally being marketed as the product of your dreams that does it all. 

The company expects to release the personal ice cream maker sometime in the second quarter of the year but has yet to announce a price.