STORRS, Conn. (AP) — Because of a promise that came out of his mouth, a UConn fan had to put something into his mouth — something that burned his mouth. It all started last week when Bryan Jackson watched his beloved Huskies slip to an 18-point deficit to Marquette at halftime. What’s worse, the Huskies had lost their top player to injury. So Jackson went on Twitter and promised he’d drink a spoonful of hot sauce if the Huskies came back to win. That’s exactly what happened; the Huskies rallied to victory. And that meant Jackson had to make good on his pledge. So, Jackson posted another tweet, this one showing him downing a large spoonful of Black Bison hot sauce. He then took another swig from the bottle, all the while chanting U-C-O-N-N, UConn, Uconn, Uconn.