Study say those who tweet positively will be more successful getting into shape

Are you looking to lose weight in 2021? Well then maybe you should take a look at your Twitter history. A new university study says a person’s tweets can predict the outcome of their diet efforts 77% of the time. 

At least, that’s the finding of Munmun De Choudhury and her research team at the Georgia Institute of Technology. 

According to a university release, the scientists proved that Twitter users who tweet in a “positive or optimistic light” tend to “have a greater sense of achievement in their social interactions.”

People who post positive tweets — like, “If we never stumble we never fall. If we never fall we never fail, and if we never fail we never grow!” — as opposed to negative ones voicing complaints about body aches, tend to be more successful when it comes to dieting.  

“We see that those who are more successful at sticking to their daily dieting goals express more positive sentiments and have a greater sense of achievement in their social interactions,” noted Choudhury. “They are focused on the future, generally more social and have larger social networks.”

She added, “We see that these users are much more likely to share healthy recipes, offer tips on nutrition and exercise, and report on their own progress. Their larger network of friends and followers, and increased engagement, means that they tend to also have stronger support systems, which positively impacts the likelihood of dieting compliance.”

The research was based on some two million tweets and 100,000+ daily entries from nearly 700 users of the app My Fitness Pal.