Want to stick to your New Year’s resolution? Live in Scottsdale, Arizona, according to financial site

While 2021 technically started Friday, chances are you gave yourself until Monday to get to work on those New Year’s resolutions. 

However, if you live in Gulfport, Missouri, you might not even want to bother — at least, that’s according to the financial site WalletHub.  By contrast, things look bright for you in 2021 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The website’s experts crunched the numbers and, based on the most common resolutions for this year — which include getting your financial house in order and that annual mainstay, getting into shape — WalletHub says Scottsdale is the best city in the U.S. for sticking to your plans for this year. 

The website ranked 180 cities, and listed them based on their potential for having each city’s residents stick to their goals. Among the factors that contribute to the ranking: access to fitness centers — if they’re open given COVID-19 restrictions; amount of green space to exercise if not; number of job opportunities; unemployment rate and number of smokers and drinkers.

Scottsdale came out on top, followed by Salt Lake City, Utah; Seattle, Washington and Irvine, California. San Diego, California rounded out the top 5.  Coming in dead last in the ranking of 182 cities: Gulfport, Missouri. 

Here are WalletHub’s Top 10 Best Cities for Keeping Your New Year’s resolutions:

1. Scottsdale, AZ.
2. Salt Lake City, UT.
3. Seattle, WA.
4. Irvine, CA.
5. San Diego, CA.
6. Overland Park, KS.
7. San Francisco, CA.
8. Fremont, CA.
9. Raleigh, NC.
10. San Jose, CA