Even in 2020, survey says Americans remain thankful

Despite the the awfulness of 2020 — or perhaps because of it — Americans are thankful, according to a new survey, and they’re really looking forward to the holidays, whatever they may look like this year. 

The non-scientific survey commissioned by See’s Candies finds 87% of those polled say they’re looking forward to the holidays, with 77% saying their families were the main reason they’re especially grateful this year. 

Just 3% say they’re thankful for their friends, the same number who say they’re thankful for their jobs.

With restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic in place in many states, 56% of the respondents are planning to celebrate differently than usual.  Just over 33% plan to celebrate Thanksgiving just with the people in their own homes, while 28% say they’re not going over the mountains and through the woods to grandmother’s house — or anybody else’s, for that matter. 

In case you’re not going to get actual face time with your family members or binge-watching partners, See’s has provided some free e-cards to spread some holiday cheer from afar.