Before attempting to steal exit signs, make sure to have a good exit strategy

A pair of University of Wisconsin-Madison students attempting to steal an exit sign from all 20 of the college’s dorms overlooked the most important step — have a good exit strategy.

UWPD police tell WEAU-TV they received a call on Saturday from their housing office on Saturday, after noticing that a number of exit signs were missing in several of their residence halls.

After viewing security camera footage, police were able to identify the suspects — two UW students, who were also roommates.  Police said they were able to catch the students in the act.

“We broke up a theft ring this weekend that clearly had a faulty exit strategy,” UWPD tweeted on Sunday.

“This is what happens when you and your roommate attempt to ‘collect’ an exit sign from each residence hall over the last two nights,” the post continued.

“Please don’t steal exit signs. Or anything,” it warned.

Police tell WEAU the students, who only managed to cop 18 of the 20 signs, were cited for the thefts and for unauthorized entry into campus buildings.