Bureau of Land Management issues fire restrictions for Northwest Oregon District

Salem, OR. – On July 8th, fire restrictions will go into effect for all Bureau of Land Management public lands throughout the Northwest Oregon District. BLM leaders encourage all visitors to be aware of active restrictions and closures as warmer, drier weather sets in around the Pacific Northwest.

These fire restrictions help reduce the risk of human-caused fires. The BLM Oregon/Washington statewide Fire Restrictions went into effect May 24th, prohibiting fireworks, exploding targets or metallic targets, steel component ammunition (core or jacket), tracer or incendiary devices, and sky lanterns.

To further reduce wildfire risk, the following is prohibited: fires and campfires except in designed areas, smoking in vegetated areas, vehicle use in unmanaged vegetated areas, operating a chainsaw, welding or using a torch, or using an internal combustion engine without a spark arrestor.  

This prohibition will become effective at 12:01 a.m. PDT on the 8th day of July 2024 and will remain in effect until rescinded.

Those who violate the prohibition may be fined up to $100,000 and/or imprisoned for up to 12 months. In addition, those found responsible for starting wildland fires on federal lands can be billed for the cost of fire suppression.

For the complete order and more information on seasonal fire restrictions and fire closures, please see www.blm.gov/orwafire.

To learn more about fire careers with BLM Oregon-Washington, please see https://www.blm.gov/programs/public-safety-and-fire/fire/state-info/oregon-washington/careers.