Goldendale Chamber of Commerce Calls for Quotes

The Chamber of Commerce is embarking on significant improvements to our building and grounds. We invite our members to submit detailed quotes for the proposed projects listed below.

Window Replacement (x5)

Siding Repair

Exterior Building Prep & Paint

Flooring Installation 

Framing & Drywall

Heat pump Installation

Please ensure that your quotes include your contractors number, are itemized, include references, and provide photos where applicable.  

*Keep in mind that approval will be subject to review by the board of directors and alignment with the 2024 budget.   We appreciate your contributions and patience as we evaluate the feasibility of these projects for 2024.  

Submission Deadline: June 21st, 4:00 PM

*After the 14th of June, we will do an all call to the entire business community for quotes.    For any questions simply respond to this email or call Teja at 307.321.7641.